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I like to hike, and I belong to a womens hiking group called "TrailDames" - one of our hikes took us to a waterfall just over the border in South Carolina. This got me interested in finding waterfalls nearby and earlier this year I found a website with directions and photos of waterfalls in North Georgia at (see links for TrailDames & North Georgia Waterfalls below)

I now also belong to another womens hiking group called Off the Grid. Both OTG and Traildames are on Meetup.

Mr. Anthony's site has lovely photos of well over 100 waterfalls in North Georgia and I got interested in seeing them. As the weather got hotter through the summer I concentrated on shorter hikes to falls, and falls that were visible from the road. Then, as it started to get cooler again, I started doing longer hikes. It turned out to be far more fun than I expected it to be, and to my surprise - when I added them up - I had been to over 100 myself!

So I decided to make a record of them and of what it's like to visit them, in case anyone else is interested in seeing them too. I will be adding photos and directions, trail conditions, etc. in the future. As I "redo" falls I will update the page that already exists for them, instead of creating a new page every time. Keeping with the format of this blog site, I will put new information at the top of each existing page.

I won't be putting road mileages on the directions, I strongly urge you to compare my directions to a good map so you can see the distances for yourself. I'm not very good at guessing distances, so if I can find a trail length I will use that. If I'm guessing, I'll put a question mark so you'll know!

My apologies for the "watermarks" on the photos, but I have had...and know other people who have had...photos stolen off the net. The watermarks are to ensure that they can't be reused without being identified as mine.

I got a good GPS unit and I'll slowly be putting GPS coordinates for the falls, when I can. If I can get close to the falls the GPS will be for the falls. Otherwise, it will be for where you can see them most easily.

Nov 2012: I got a new PC and now that I can actually get things done (!) I'm going to rearrange the way the falls are listed. I'm going to list them separately, instead of grouping them by the day I saw them. The only ones I'll group are the ones that are on the same creek, or very close - like on the same road.

I've completed rearranging the posts. Hopefully this will help make the falls easier to find. I also found my count was WAY off, so I've updated the total too.

Jan 2013 - I just got a video camera, so I'll be adding short videos of the falls as I am able to get back to them. They might be a bit shakey at first, but hopefully I'll get better as I get used to using it!

Jan 2014 - I almost forgot about posting this! I had been in contact with Sharon Collins, the host of GPB's "Georgia Outdoors"...offering to take her around my 18 Waterfalls tour. She was not able to make it, but I did take her cameraman Shane Keating on the tour. I was hoping they'd do a show about the tour, but that didn't happen. However, some of the shots did show up in the episode "Mountain Magic"...so I've added a link to that episode.

Aug 2015 - I've created a Google map of the waterfalls I either have been to, or know about as publicly accessable, check it out at: https://goo.gl/maps/79Lyb

Got some additional news. The episode of Georgia Outdoors mentioned above, that has some of the shots taken by the cameraman on my 18 Wateralls tour...won a 2015 Southeastern Emmy for "Magazine Program" http://www.gpb.org/emmys

Total Falls

Total waterfalls as of 6/7/2015: 504
Total videos as of 6/7/2015: 180

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wildcat Creek Rd (25 falls)

11/24/2013 - have off all this Thanksgiving week, so I went out and got some waterfall videos.  There are SO many falls on W. Wildcat Rd. that I'm finding it difficult to keep them in order and to get them all!  I thought I had it this time, but it looks like I need to go back yet again!

4/13/2013 - Wildcat Rd has been closed for 2 years, because of the tornados in 2011.  A couple/three weeks ago I was in the are and checked and the road was finally open again.  So I went up today to get videos.  There has been a lot of rain and the falls were just gorgeous, with lots of water coming over.  I didn't get all the falls...didn't find out until I got there that the battery on my camera was really low, but I did get as far as the waterslide falls.

5/1/2012 - a week after my previous post this area was hit hard by a tornado - Apr 28, 2011 actually.  Wildcat Rd. has been closed since then with no indication when it will be reopened.  I drove down it and it's closed just past the last private property access.

Creek names below are all from GMAPS

4/2/2011 - BIG update on Wildcat Road!  I went back to get new pictures and to drive with my windows open (FS 44 taught me to do that!) and I got 21 (!) falls I had missed before.  Very exciting!  Because I got so many new ones, I'm redoing this completely, and pushing the previous info to the very bottom.

7/31/2010 Drove up the gravel road that runs alongside Wildcat creek, which is not too far from Moccasin Creek State Park.  There are quite a few falls and cascades on this creek, some of which - but not all - are on Mr. Anthony's site.  My pictures got mixed up, so may not be in the correct order - but I plan to go back on a good day and redo them all to get them in order, and to get better pictures.

I'm pretty sure I missed some falls on 4/1/2013 - so I'm rearranging things until I can get back up there and try to get them all again!  I've put all the GPS coordinates and mileages at the bottom of the page until I can re-check them.

The first 3 photos are of some of the damage done during the tornadoes in 2011.  These were taken right at the beginning of the road, just after the end of the paved part.

 These got all out of order...I'll go back soon and redo all the photos and make sure I get them in order!

The first 4 falls are very close together, starting at .9 mi and from there to about 1 mi.

GPS: 34°50'0"N 83°35'53"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°50'0"N 83°35'53"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°50'4"N 83°36'3"W (Wildcat Creek)
At 1.7 mi there are 3 falls that are close together in the next 1/10 mi
GPS: 34°50'5"N 83°36'6"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°50'5"N 83°36'7"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°50'6"N 83°36'12"W (Wildcat Creek)
At 1.8 mi is another falls
GPS: 34°50'6"N 83°36'15"W (Wildcat Creek)
At 1.9 mi there are 2 falls close together
GPS: 34°50'9"N 83°36'16"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°50'4"N 83°36'18"W (Wildcat Creek)
At 2.0 mi there is a double falls divided by a shelf of rock (an eroded area in the road verge leads down to the shelf), and above that a short way is a popular waterslide falls that kids like to play on.
GPS: 34°50'6"N 83°36'20"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°50'7"N 83°36'21"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°50'1"N 83°36'21"W (Wildcat Creek)
At 2.2 mi is the first bridge on Wildcat Rd.  It crosses a side creek and upstream of the bridge is a falls
GPS: 34°50'4"N 83°36'45"W (Wildcat Creek)
Note: from this bridge to the next bridge at it sounds like there might be several falls, but the road is too high above the creek and the rhododendrons are too thick to see anything.  And the valley is too steep to climb down without climbing equipment!
At 3.6 miles there are, again, 3 falls fairly close together in the next 1/10 mi
GPS: 34°50'4"N 83°36'58"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°49'37"N 83°36'59"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°49'37"N 83°37'1"W (Wildcat Creek)
At 3.7 mi there is a small falls, with a long sliding shoals just below it
GPS: 34°49'35"N 83°37'5"W (Wildcat Creek)
At 3.8 mi there is another long, curved falls
GPS: 34°49'38"N 83°37'10"W (Wildcat Creek)
At 4.3 mi the road begins a steady uphill and there is an more open area between the road and the creek.  There are at least 4 falls coming down at this point.  To see the lower falls, you need to bushwhack across this open area to the creek.  To see the next 2, stop about halfway up the hill.  To see the top falls, there is a small parking area at the top and you can get down to the creek there.
GPS:34°49'41"N 83°37'26"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°49'42"N 83°37'28"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°49'44"N 83°37'33"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°49'46"N 83°37'32"W (Wildcat Creek)
GPS: 34°49'47"N 83°37'33"W (Wildcat Creek)
At 6.1 mi there is another falls, might actually be a long one...but all you can see are glimpses of the moving water - so no picture, but it's there!  Part of it appears to be in a slot, but it's hard to get a good look at it.
GPS: 34°50'44"N 83°37'44"W (Jessie Branch)
At 7.3 mi there is a falls that might be long, but all that could be photographed was the small falls at the top.
GPS: 34°51'25"N 83°38'6"W (Mandy Branch)
At 8.3 mi another long falls, but could only get a photo - again - of the small falls at the top
GPS: 34°51'38"N 83°38'51"W (South Fork Moccasin Creek)

I would say that there are probably something like 30 or more waterfalls along this creek, but you just can't see them all.

Directions and Information: from Clarkesville, Ga
  • north on GA 197
  • left on West Wildcat Road
Note: there are many small falls and shoals along this creek.  Continue towards campground 2 (CG 2) and as you get close and ascend a steepish hill watch for a fairly open area to the right.  There is a falls with several cascades here.  At the top there is a wide area where you can park and get out on top of the falls.  Upstream is another small falls.  You can bushwhack downhill through the open area and get to the creek to view the other cascades.

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So what are your thoughts on artificial waterfalls? I've been curious these days on how all encompassing is the love of waterfall enthusiasts, pretty much based on if they know anything about waterfall repair(but I don't judge, I love the stuff you've shared, real falls trump fake ones any day).