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I like to hike, and I belong to a womens hiking group called "TrailDames" - one of our hikes took us to a waterfall just over the border in South Carolina. This got me interested in finding waterfalls nearby and earlier this year I found a website with directions and photos of waterfalls in North Georgia at (see links for TrailDames & North Georgia Waterfalls below)

Mr. Anthony's site has lovely photos of well over 100 waterfalls in North Georgia and I got interested in seeing them. As the weather got hotter through the summer I concentrated on shorter hikes to falls, and falls that were visible from the road. Then, as it started to get cooler again, I started doing longer hikes. It turned out to be far more fun than I expected it to be, and to my surprise - when I added them up - I had been to over 100 myself!

So I decided to make a record of them and of what it's like to visit them, in case anyone else is interested in seeing them too. I will be adding photos and directions, trail conditions, etc. in the future. As I "redo" falls I will update the page that already exists for them, instead of creating a new page every time. Keeping with the format of this blog site, I will put new information at the top of each existing page.

I won't be putting road mileages on the directions, I strongly urge you to compare my directions to a good map so you can see the distances for yourself. I'm not very good at guessing distances, so if I can find a trail length I will use that. If I'm guessing, I'll put a question mark so you'll know!

My apologies for the "watermarks" on the photos, but I have had...and know other people who have had...photos stolen off the net. The watermarks are to ensure that they can't be reused without being identified as mine.

I got a good GPS unit and I'll slowly be putting GPS coordinates for the falls, when I can. If I can get close to the falls the GPS will be for the falls. Otherwise, it will be for where you can see them most easily.

Nov 2012: I got a new PC and now that I can actually get things done (!) I'm going to rearrange the way the falls are listed. I'm going to list them separately, instead of grouping them by the day I saw them. The only ones I'll group are the ones that are on the same creek, or very close - like on the same road.

I've completed rearranging the posts. Hopefully this will help make the falls easier to find. I also found my count was WAY off, so I've updated the total too.

Jan 2013 - I just got a video camera, so I'll be adding short videos of the falls as I am able to get back to them. They might be a bit shakey at first, but hopefully I'll get better as I get used to using it!

Total Falls

Total waterfalls as of 11/25/2013: 486
Total videos as of 4/16/2014: 131

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Padgett Falls

12/25/13 - went back to get a better video of this falls.  I walked up and down the road and there are 2 places where you can get a pretty good view of it.  One is at the curve, as described below.  The other is back up the road just where it starts downhill more steeply, just over a very small rise in the road.  The lower point gives a better view of the upper part of the falls.  The upper point gives a better view of the lower part of the falls.

2/8/13 - my sister and I went up to Rock City (first time I've been there) and on the way back we stopped and took videos of Padgett Falls.  I did take some still pictures too, but those didn't turn out verry well.

12/23/2011 - such a beautiful day, decided to take it easy and do a roadside falls.  Went back to Padgett Falls to get better pictures.  Winter is definitely the best time to see this falls.  I had forgotten just how big it really is!  We had a lot of rain in the last few days, so this one was really spectacular this time.

GMAPS does not show a name for this creek, but it flows into Pettit Creek

11/24/2010 Saw a reference to this falls when I was searching the net for GA waterfalls.  It's on heavily posted private property behind the airport in Jasper, GA

The 2 GPS points are the spots on the road that have the best views of the falls.
GPS: 34.45164 -84.46881 (upper)
GPS: 34.45166 -84.46879 (lower)


Directions and information: Padgett Falls is on private property, which is heavily posted..but actually the best view is from the road anyway 
  • From hwy 515 in Jasper:
  • turn west on W. Church St
  • turn left on Camp Rd
  • turn right on Upper Salem Rd
  • follow around behind airport - where it takes a right angle turn and become a dirt road
As you go around a tight curve to the right you will see a leveled spot, on the right, where a mobile home used to be - continue past and as road begins to curve left...stop and look down into the valley, falls should be visible but please note: this is a well-forested area and they may not be visible when the trees and bushes are in leaf.


Charles Bird said...

What a fabulous picture of my waterfall.

Posted by the land owner.

Bikram said...

I agree your discussion your pic really awesome.

Iris Barber said...

That is a fabulous picture of that waterfall. Georgia really does have a lot to offer when it comes to natural wonders and scenic views. It is also a great place to settle down and raise a family. I am looking forward to seeing more of your adventures! 
Iris Barber