What this is all about

I like to hike, and I belong to a womens hiking group called "TrailDames" - one of our hikes took us to a waterfall just over the border in South Carolina. This got me interested in finding waterfalls nearby and earlier this year I found a website with directions and photos of waterfalls in North Georgia at (see links for TrailDames & North Georgia Waterfalls below)

I now also belong to another womens hiking group called Off the Grid. Both OTG and Traildames are on Meetup.

Mr. Anthony's site has lovely photos of well over 100 waterfalls in North Georgia and I got interested in seeing them. As the weather got hotter through the summer I concentrated on shorter hikes to falls, and falls that were visible from the road. Then, as it started to get cooler again, I started doing longer hikes. It turned out to be far more fun than I expected it to be, and to my surprise - when I added them up - I had been to over 100 myself!

So I decided to make a record of them and of what it's like to visit them, in case anyone else is interested in seeing them too. I will be adding photos and directions, trail conditions, etc. in the future. As I "redo" falls I will update the page that already exists for them, instead of creating a new page every time. Keeping with the format of this blog site, I will put new information at the top of each existing page.

I won't be putting road mileages on the directions, I strongly urge you to compare my directions to a good map so you can see the distances for yourself. I'm not very good at guessing distances, so if I can find a trail length I will use that. If I'm guessing, I'll put a question mark so you'll know!

My apologies for the "watermarks" on the photos, but I have had...and know other people who have had...photos stolen off the net. The watermarks are to ensure that they can't be reused without being identified as mine.

I got a good GPS unit and I'll slowly be putting GPS coordinates for the falls, when I can. If I can get close to the falls the GPS will be for the falls. Otherwise, it will be for where you can see them most easily.

Nov 2012: I got a new PC and now that I can actually get things done (!) I'm going to rearrange the way the falls are listed. I'm going to list them separately, instead of grouping them by the day I saw them. The only ones I'll group are the ones that are on the same creek, or very close - like on the same road.

I've completed rearranging the posts. Hopefully this will help make the falls easier to find. I also found my count was WAY off, so I've updated the total too.

Jan 2013 - I just got a video camera, so I'll be adding short videos of the falls as I am able to get back to them. They might be a bit shakey at first, but hopefully I'll get better as I get used to using it!

Jan 2014 - I almost forgot about posting this! I had been in contact with Sharon Collins, the host of GPB's "Georgia Outdoors"...offerning to take her around my 18 Waterfalls tour. She was not able to make it, but I did take her cameraman Shane Keating on the tour. I was hoping they'd do a show about the tour, but that didn't happen. However, some of the shots did show up in the episode "Mountain Magic"...so I've added a link to that episode.

Total Falls

Total waterfalls as of 5/22/2015: 502
Total videos as of 5/22/2015: 178

Friday, May 22, 2015

Williams Mill Greenspace

5/22/2015 - had off half a day today, so I took a nice, short trip to the Williams Mill Greenspace in Hall County.  My sister had discovered there is a sizable waterfall there, so I had to see it!  She sure wasn't kidding.  I would think if there's a drought that this creek might go dry, but right now there is a good amount of water coming down over this huge rock face.

I found the best place to see the entire falls is right behind the caretakers house.  The back of the house overlooks the falls.  But you can keep going and get much closer than I did today.

GPS: 34.12934 -83.90525


Directions and Information: from I985 

  • Exit 8 - Friendship Road, GA 347
  • south on Friendship road to light at Hog Mountain Rd
  • north (left) on Hog Mountain Rd
  • south (right) on Blackjack Rd
  • park is on the right
  • follow the paved trail down to just past the house, right at .2 miles...falls is to the left

Monday, April 13, 2015

Rice Creek falls at Victoria Bryant State Park

4/10/2015 - spend the weekend at Victoria Bryant State Park with a group from Trail Dames.  Nice, easy weekend...beautiful weather.  Took a couple of short hikes and the first was to the falls to get a video.

9/8/2012 - went to the TrailDames hike leader retreat this weekend and during a short hike up Rice Creek we came to this waterfall.  Thank goodness I had my camera with me!
GPS: 34.29676° -83.15998°


Directions and Information: from I85 North to Victoria Bryant State Park
  • at Exit 160 - turn south onto Hwy 51
  • at T junction with Hwy 145 - turn right
  • at T junction with US 29/Hwy 8 - turn left
  • park entrance is to the left
  • falls is in Rice Creek - behind and below the nature center

Monday, March 30, 2015

FS 80 falls

3/28/2015 - on my way home from Long Creek Falls I went past this one too, so I stopped and got a video

4/10/2011 - After seeing the falls on Ward Creek, I went back to FS 80/Coopers Gap Rd to go home.  I saw several small branch falls that are probably dry when there's low rainfall, but there was also one that was bigger - so I included it in my count.  It doesn't look very big in the picture, but it goes quite a way up the mountain.

GPS: 34°38'49"N 84°5'21"W


Directions and Information: from Dahlonega, GA
north on US 19 bypass
  • left on Camp Wahsega Rd
  • at Camp Merrill - right on gravel road (FS 80/Coopers Gap Rd)
  • falls is about 2 mi on the left

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Long Creek Falls (6 falls)

3/28/2015 - went back to these falls with another member of Off the Grid.  This time I remembered my tripod...but I'm still not really happy with the videos.  I didn't even try to get one of them, because it's down a steep bank and I wasn't sure I could get back up.  And somehow or other I totally missed one!  Plus I couldn't really get a good one of Long Creek Falls itself because there were so many people there.  Have to try again, maybe on a weekday when there won't be so many people around.

3/22/2014 - took a small Meetup group to see these falls, and took off and forgot my tripod!  So I couldn't really get good videos.  Will have to go back.  I was able to hold the camera steady against a tree for Long Creek Falls, so at least i got that one.

2/23/2012 - took some TrailDames to see Long Creek Falls.  Got pictures of some of the other falls too.  FINALLY getting around to getting the photos updated!

Heck...on posting the new photos, it looks like I missed a couple that last time I was there.  Looks like I'll have to go back yet again and pay more attention.

5/28/2011 - went back to Long Creek Falls so my sister could see the falls, and to get pictures and GPS points.  Also got some pictures of other falls downstream of Long Creek Falls.  From the sound of it, there might be as many as 5 or 6 other falls, but you can't see some of them...and the ones you can see are pretty distant from the trail   Sometimes all you can see is just a glimpse of the moving water.  I got the best pictures I could of the ones that you can see, but of course the view is much better when you are there!

There is at least one other falls that has a side trail to it, but I had been down to it before and couldn't get a good shot, and this time I thought I could get the same falls from further down.  That turned out to be wrong and I didn't have time to climb back up and get what I could, so I'll have to go back again one day and get it!

The falls #2 is actually the bottom of a 3 part falls, but the bottom was the only part that would really photograph even close to well.

9/18/2010 This falls is just off the Appalachian Trail a few miles from the start at Springer Mountain, but there is a Forest Service road that is closer and the hike from there - at the Three Forks area - is about a mile.  Being a mountain trail it's on the steep side, but not too difficult. 

From the parking at this point, Mr. Anthony says "Follow the Appalachian trail 1 mile north to a short side trail to Long Creek Falls" but if you aren't good at directions, like me, it's not as clear as it could be!  You cross the road away from the bridge over the creek and start uphill there.  There's a sign that mentions the falls, but you don't see it until you're away from the road.  When you get near the falls, there's a sign for them.

I found another website that mentions several other falls on the way up and I did see the side trails they mentioned, and even tried one...but they are steep and not maintained and since I was alone, I didn't push my luck on them.  I want to try them again when I have some company.

GPS: 34°40'2"N 84°10'39"W
GPS: 34°40'1"N 84°10'35"W
GPS: 34°40'1"N 84°10'33"W
GPS: 34°40'1"N 84°10'27"W
GPS: 34°40'2"N 84°10'23"W





These 2 photos are both Long Creek Falls.  The first makes it look like the 2 sections are closer to each other than they are, so I included the 2nd just to show a better overall view.
GPS: 34°40'3"N 84°10'14"W


Directions and Information: from East Ellijay, GA
  • go east on GA 52
  • turn left on Roy Rd (drive carefully, there is a sharp curve on this road)
  • turn right on Doublehead Gap Rd
  • turn right on Noontootla Rd (this is after Doublehead Gap Rd paving ends) - this is FS 58
  • Watch for sign indicating Appalachian Trail crosses road - this is the Three Forks area
  • park and go down old logging road on opposite side of road from bridge across creek, there is a sign at the start that mention the falls - falls is marked by a sign about 1 mi up trail
Note: if you watch carefully as you hike, you'll see signs of several side trails down to creek.  At least 2 of these lead to falls

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hwy 193 falls (2 falls)

3/21/2015 - the first time I saw these falls I had a suspicion that the small one might not flow all the time.  Today, on my way home from Glen Falls I came by this spot...and it turns out I was right.  There was only a trickle of water on the bigger falls, even though we've had quite a bit of rain lately...and the small falls was dry.  So I'll leave the picture up, but I took it out of my count.

I'll also leave up the photos of the falls with more water, to show how pretty they can be when there is plenty of rain.

3/27/2011 - went on a hike with the TrailDames to the Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail in the Crockford-Pigeon Mtn WMA.  On they way we drove around a curve on Hwy 193 and there were two really pretty falls right there by the road.  After the wildflower trail we drove to John's Mtn and hiked up the Keown Falls Trail.

GMAPS does not show either of these branches

Hwy 193
These falls are quite close to the road, at the point of a fairly sharp curve, but it's obvious a lot of people must stop here because closest to the falls there is a sizable parking area.  There was actually a 3rd falls there today, but it was obvious it's a run-off falls and won't be there when the excess water from the recent rains has drained off.
GPS: 34°44'31"N 85°20'13"W


Directions and Information: from Lafayette, GA
  • west on Hwy 193
  • falls is at a sharp curve